What’s goin’ on…

Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards May 2014

Wow, we’ve been hired yet again to play the fantastic after party for the prestigious awards show at The National Arts Centre in Ottawa! This is the 9th year we’ve been given this honour! Many thanks to the NAC!

“Jazz, Blues & Dancin’ Shoes” video shoot April 2014

Gearing up for the second video shoot with filmmaker Brian Lutes! We’ll be making a video for “Jazz, Blues & Dancin’ Shoes” with the Swing Dynamite Dance troupe!

Movie Appearance “Fine, Fine, Fine” in “Prisoner Of Time” Dec 2013

The Jivewires have placed a song from “Blues 101” in a movie! “Prisoner Of Time” by filmmaker Brian Lutes will feature the band performing “Fine, Fine, Fine” in a period setting and provide a music video for our upcoming release! Set in the Korean War, we’re right in the pocket for this period in pop music history and can’t wait to do the shoot!

Recording 5th album Aug/Sept 2013

Alright, we’re in Shine Studios and laying down the tracks for our new album we have tentatively titled “Blues 101”. This will be our second studio album since our first was released in 1989.

New Jive For Album 5 NAC April 2013

On April 20th we’ll be at the Fourth Stage of the National Arts Centre to run through our new tunes for the upcoming 5th album. Very excited to get this project off the ground and see how our audience likes the new stuff!!

Writing 5th album Feb 2013

So we’ve finally started writing the long awaited 5th album! New songs include “Blues 101”, “Dog With A Broken Heart”, “Jazz, Blues & Dancin’ Shoes”, “Fine, Fine, Fine” and “Still Can’t Write A Country Song”. We’re rehearsing and can’t wait to play our new songs live!

Tyler Harris joins The Jivewires Jan 2013

In the long tradition of having great Ottawa jazz musicians in the Jivewires, we have just confirmed that Tyler Harris is going to replace Zak Frantz in the band. As a member of the world touring Soul Jazz Orchestra, Zak has stepped aside from the Jives and the alto chair will now be filled by Tyler who is an excellent sax player and also a member of Mike Essoudry’s Mashed Potato Mashers. We’re very lucky to have worked with Zak and also to welcome Ty into the band!

Stewart Park Festival 2012

The Jives have picked up another festival this summer of 2012 in Perth ON!

Ottawa Jazz Festival 2012

We’ve got a date this summer in the Ottawa Jazz Festival, looking forward to getting the new band back on a festival stage!

“Jives Do Jordan” CD release!

“Jives Do Jordan” is getting airplay on CBC’s “Saturday Night Blues” and DAWG FM. Come on
out to any of our gigs and pick up a copy of this great compilation of Louis Jordan hits!

“Jives Do Jordan” CD release!

Hey hey, we’ve just released “Jives Do Jordan” and we’re getting some great responses from the public and media! You might catch some tracks on CBC Radio or DAWG fm but you can check it out here on Bandcamp Player on our “Music” page. Now we’re gearing up for applications to festivals and booking club dates in the New Year. Also, a 5th album of original tunes is on the horizon so stay tuned!!