About The Jivewires…

Canada’s The Jivewires have jumped many musical and national borders. Taking their influence from the jazz and satire of 40’s and 50’s greats Louis Jordan, Cab Calloway, Wynonie Harris and Louis Prima, The Jivewires throw a new spin on the Jump Blues tradition. Hip Hop, Latin, Ska and Rock all influence the band’s original music within the “jump blues” idiom. The seven piece horn driven band delivers a high energy show mixing original music with old “jive” hits and a few more modern songs done in the retro style of the group. With the release of 2015’s “Drive Me Sane” The Jivewires have recorded 5 albums of original material and are keen to get you jumpin’ like you never jumped before!

Current Members

Tenor Sax                     Brian Asselin
Drums                             Jeff Asselin
Trombone/Vocal         Steve Berndt
Trumpet                         Ed Lister
Guitar                           “Dr” Dave Foster
Alto Sax                       Tyler Harris
Bass                               Alex Mastronardi

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